Mobile Patrols


Mobile Security Patrols


The best way to describe mobile patrols is to consider it as a budget version of manned guarding. What if your budget doesn’t allow you to hire manned guarding all night? What is your alternative?

CCTV is one alternative but may not be appropriate. But you do want people who may be watching the site to know there is a layer of security protection. So a mobile patrol is a high visibility visual deterrent with clear signage to let people know there are regular patrols to this site.

Our guards and their uniforms are highly visual and professional so again are highly visible when they arrive at a site and carry out a patrol using our software to carry out the agreed checks for the client. These checks could be anything such as checking locks, gates etc. For example on an industrial estate we lock the area down each night and ensure no-one is left behind without permission.

Then the mobile patrol would carry out random checks throughout the night. As a client what you are getting is a high visibility presence at random times so anyone up to know good is unaware when we will return to the site.


 Do Mobile Security Patrols Work?


Absolutely. We have had incidents that our team have had to deal with in the past when protecting the clients property so we know these random patrols work, and what the client gets is their site or property protected at a much smaller cost than full manned guarding.

One of the benefits the client gets with mobile security patrols is the benefit of manned guarding if an incident should occur as of course you now have a man on site. You also have flexibility, so if you have some valuable property or equipment arrive on site that needs protecting in the short term you have the option to switch to manned guarding.


Bespoke Client Patrols


We can deliver whatever the client wants or needs.

Here is an example:

A client may have a large piece of land and all they want is for a high visibility security patrol car to turn up so that there is a regular highly visible presence.

The patrol car would turn up and the person on duty would have a list of actions or checks they must do which could be as simple as flashing their lights so people know the area is being checked regularly as part of that patrol.

All of the required tasks are monitored and logged so that each patrol carries out the duties they were supposed to do.


 Other Examples – Office Block Lock Down


We have some clients that require a lot more from us such as an office block in the centre of the city. Our duties include:

  • The driver attends the site.
  • Parks the vehicle in a highly visible position.
  • Enters the building with full access as a named key holder.
  • Patrols every single floor.
  • Check every office door.
  • Check all lights are off.
  • Lock all the secure doors as each floor is patrolled.
  • Anyone who is in the building whilst these checks are being carried out are asked to leave as this is a requirement of the landlord.

By the time our patrol leaves the building everything has been locked, secured and the alarms set.

These are just two simple examples of the type of flexible security patrols we can supply to any business and it will always depend on what you need to keep your business safe and secure.