Event Security

We supply staff for anything that requires security staff, nine times out of ten it is down to a licence requirement such as ‘you must have security at your event’. Typical examples of providing security would be a local outdoor event requiring five security staff for a two day event. Outdoor events, charity events and festivals are typical events that probably require security as a condition of the licence.

When we provide security at these types of events we carry out a full risk assessment and provide a method statement. We provide them with radios and our staff will wear the appropriate uniform for the event to present a professional image.

For example at some events we can supply our staff in back shirts and perhaps silver ties etc. whilst at other events the customer may require us to dress more casually in polo shirts. Quite simply we can provide the right number of staff presented in the dress code required by the event organisers.

We have clients who are part of very high end events and want our security staff to ‘look the part’ whilst at the same time standing out in the crowd. The role of the security staff at this event is to ensure the guests are correctly directed to where they are supposed to be, and to ensure that people who shouldn’t be there are directed accordingly.

Whatever the event and whatever the requirements we are able to provide the appropriate security staff with the experience and skills required.