Door Supervision

Door supervision has dramatically changed over the years. No longer do you have the ‘bouncers’ on the door who in years gone by may have been nothing more than thugs. The SIA now regulate everything so there are no longer any ‘loose’ standards within the security and protection industry.

Today we consider door supervision to be more customer orientated to ensure everyone can have a good time. At the end of the day your door security team is the first point of contact for your business when your customers arrive at your venue. We are your ‘first impression’.

For instance you may have a high end wine bar and you want your customers welcomed by our team at the door. Some of our customers are wine bars and restaurants that don’t need door staff but prefer to have door staff and our team represents them at the door.

Our team are in place ‘just in case’ and as a layer of protection because alcohol is being served. We are seen by the customers as ‘doormen’ representing the business brand. Our staff are trained to welcome the guests to the venue, open the door for them, and be the start of their experience at the venue.

It’s all about customer service and raising the customer’s expectations before they even walk in. Our doorman services help set the tone for the venue. These days venues want friendly, approachable door staff who answer customer questions politely whilst at the same time having the training and experience to deal with situations should they arise.

And if situations do arise our doormen are trained to deal with it professionally and we have escalation procedures in place should they be required. We also work within the guidelines set by the venue, some may want offenders ejected immediately, others may want them to be talked to and calmed down before allowing back in.

For us it’s about customer service to the venue’s customers and our customer, the venue.