Control Room Services

At TitanServ Control we developed our own bespoke software to monitor staff clocking in/out of sites. This software can be used for all kinds of different industries from security to healthcare professionals and every industry in between.
Our software, Helios, allows the client to plan rotas in advance, roll out the rota’s to staff members and allow staff members to sign in and view the rota and any resources related to that specific site. The back office sends you weekly reports for the sign in times for each site and can also allow you to download a csv file for your Sage payroll.
Each client has access to the software and they themselves can issue a site to have access and view the rota for the week and upload necessary resources.
Our newly developed app uses the latest GPS software technology and allows the staff member to pin point their position when they log into a shift, Giving you the knowledge that the staff are where they should be when they sign in, where this can be geo-fenced for the site to add further comfort in the knowledge that the staff are where they need to be.