What do we want? What do we need?

These are two questions, that should common sense apply, ought to marry up and share the same answer. However, this is rarely the case.


Because in real life, people like you and I are influenced by things that are subjective and can change our thoughts and feelings as we carry on our daily lives.

One of the main effects that this has in the business world, is that the entrepeneur in all of us operates along a route of dreams and aspirations, which although achievable, don’t always meet a realistic expectation on the shop floor. That’s not a bad thing at all…. it is the dreams that drive each of us, and each of your businesses forwards, it’s just the real life obstacles that slow us down.

What is important, is that somewhere along the line, we find a suitable balance between reality and our dreams. Sometimes this means we need to be patient. Sometimes we need to spend more money than we would like. Sometimes, it seems like bad advice, but in the end we strike an epiphany and realise that all advice is what you choose to make of it.

Productivity is something that we all want in our lives. Safety is another. No one wants to live a wasted life in an uncomfortable or unsafe environment.

We can help, often in ways that perhaps people haven’t yet considered.

Our suggestion is this: Consider what you do… then consider what we can do for you… and then… consider the combination and what that means for not only your businesses, but also you personal lives as well.

Helios will help you to relieve the stress of your scheduled shifts, and TitanServ will help to protect the newly reinvigorated and productive business you’ve worked so hard to build.

This isn’t a sales pitch. It’s an invitation to see what you didn’t know was available, and to help you reach those dreams that little bit quicker.



Let’s ask the question that everyone knows the answer to, but is rarely asked of themselves.

How do you know that what you promise, is what you are delivering?

For most of us the answer lies in trust. We have a select few that have our trust, and we rely on them to keep our promises. Trust is a good thing, as it is usually earned by dedication, commitment and loyalty. But when you have a vision, and your customers are given your word, how successfully are you delivering that vision? Or your team? Every person brings a different perspective and a different way of doing things.

In reality we are all human and scoring 100% is quite often unrealistic, so we set acceptable targets. Then, once we have those targets we seek ways to improve upon them. This is where we often employ policies and procedures, or outsource to specialists for a more effective development.

One of the things that everyone should do is maintain an open mind- and be receptive to advice from outside the business. Very often those who are from without can offer a different perspective. It may not be useful. Conversely, it may change the way you think, or deliver your products and services for the better.

This is where Helios can step in. Designed to support your staff, and your management team- especially those out in the field- you can add layers of accountability to your business, and increase your productivity with more time to focus on what’s really important.

Ask yourselves the question-

“How do I know that what I promise, is what I am delivering?”

-sometimes the answer is there to be found, in places you don’t expect to find them.


Helios is the way forward for your companies future needs, If you have 5 or 5000 staff members, Helios can help you and your company